Over our 18years relationship, we have battled tough times. Our story is pretty amazing. The one thing that truly helped us get through it was out health and fitness. BUT we would soon learn that our health and fitness was only one side of the fight! Fitness may have saved our lives, but didn't fix our deep rooted problems. It didn't fix things such as our insecurity, it didn't fix the perceived lack of love, it didn't fix the lack of purpose, it didn't fix our marriage. So we aim to help those on their health and fitness journey, find deeper meaning and purpose along the way. 


We pride ourselves on our EXTREMELY HIGH LEVE of cleanliness: Our mission to keep our facility as safe as it can possibly be. We ensure that:
  • Equipment is sanitized after every class or use
  • We ensure that we use cleaners approved by health experts (ex. disinfectants with 70% alcohol or higher)
  • Using a routine cleaning checklist specific to each room
  • Wearing gloves and mask when needed
  • Washing all towns and linen at a high heat setting
  • Follow all other local guidance
  • Comply with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines
We are a small family owned gym, not a commercial gym that has a high level of foot traffic. This allows us to focus on QUALITY not QUANTITY while building meaningful relationships with our clients. We are a family that wants to see you win in every area of your life and not just the gym. When you join our gym, you join our family!

Personalized Small Group Training (4-5 people): Our program allows our clients the freedom to choose their training group. This allows:​
  • Higher commitment rate to training
  • Workout motivation is increased
  • Trainer is able to provide close support to each client
  • High variety of workouts able to be accomplished, keeping training exciting
  • Relationships between friends increase   
Onsite Recovery Room
Our onsite recovery room is equipped to enhance and aid in muscle recovery as well as detoxifying the body. This is well needed after the intense training sessions. Not only does this room recover the body, but it also relaxes and restores the mind. This room is set up in a way that aids in releasing stress and restoring the mind back to a state of peace. 
Onsite Body Sculpting Team: 
Results come a lot faster with these experts on hand. The noninvasive work they do with shaping and and contouring the body is one of a kind. They assist in loosing inches, detoxifying the body, reducing the effects of aging and much more. Adding this on top of the training will have you looking and feeling amazing in no time.