Come here for a full-service health and wellness experience.

We are a PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING GYM that caters to your specific
need. The experience is all about you and how we can get you to your
fitness and wellness goal.

Personal Training Services Include:


1-15 Minute Initial Consultation (Zoom or Phone Call)*

1-50 Minute Personal Training Session (BRING A FRIND TO SPLIT THE COST)

Private Gym with complimentary Water/Towels


Pricing: $49.99 per session


*Scheduling your Initial Consultation is purchasing 1 Personal Training Session


Recovery is a huge key to maximizing workouts and achieving fitness goals. Our recovery room is designed just for that. Don't miss out on this full experience. You deserve the best training and recovery. Our Recovery Room is equipped with:
-Two Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs that rid everyday stress & improves muscle recovery and fatigue.
-Two 2 powerful deep-kneading foot massagers to relieve tired muscles, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, chronic pain, muscle tension & improve blood flow.
-Two Massage Guns to relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and
adhesions, & minimize soreness and tension.
-Two Wave 5 massagers for myofascial release & Muscle Hydration.
-Hot Lavender Towels for relaxation

Schedule your 30min Recovery session for only $15

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